Diverse Corner Beads for Solid and Elegant Wall

Our company aims to create top quality corner beads for the worldwide market. Corner beads are used for corner better reinforcement and protection, according to the different materials, there are metal corner bead, PVC corner bead, and paper-faced corner bead, upon the various shapes there are bullnose corner bead, expanded corner bead, and stop bead. All of them have their own outstanding advantages, you can choose one that you want to learn more details.

Our Products
There are three expanded corner beads shown which is made up of the two wide flanges and a round nose bead.
Metal corner bead is the commonly used one for drywall corner bead protection. The multihole flanges of the metal bead for effective compound adhesion. The small nose bead for corner lines shape. And it is easy to install with nails and other fasteners.
This is a PVC corner bead with fiberglass mesh which processed with the multihole bead and the fiberglass mesh.
PVC corner bead has different types, sizes, colors and shapes to meet customers' needs. The outstanding characteristic of PVC corner bead is the great heat preservation effects. According to the change of temperature, the PVC corner bead can adjust itself deformation to protect the wall.
One paper-faced metal corner bead with sturdy metal and two wide paper flanges for corner shaping and reinforcement.
Paper-faced corner bead has the same function of corner reinforcement, protection and shaping like metal corner bead and PVC corner bead. The different point is the paper-faced corner bead is paper taped, so it is installed without any fasteners.
One bullnose corner bead with the large angle openness to match the profile of the bullnose shape corner.
Bullnose corner bead provides an architecturally attractive corner that is both durable and straight for a soft, rounded appearance. It is easy to install with nails and other fasteners for time and labor cost saving.
One angle corner bead has two flanges with extra reinforcing strip for strengthening and round nose for corner shaping.
Expanded corner bead has wide perforated flanges and round nose bead for neat finishing. According to the shape, it can be divided into expanded corner bead, double-x corner bead, and casing bead three types.
One galvanized steel expansion bead with the stainless steel wing and the big return for corner edge protection.
Stop bead is also called casing bead, it is mainly used at all intersections of window and doorway. According to the material, it can be divided into galvanized metal stop bead, stainless steel stop bead, aluminum alloy stop bead, UPVC stop bead and vinyl stop bead.

Corner bead is a practical protector for your corner edge, you can contact us at info@plastermesh.com to learn more details about our products.

Hot Products

Bullnose corner bead with knurled and perforated flanges applied to gypsum corners is sturdy to offer superb compound adhesion and straight finishes.

Paper-faced corner bead is used to offer sturdy, smooth and impact resist finish, it is easy and fast to install on drywall for time and labor saving.

PVC corner bead is widely used to reinforce corners and protect the walls against impact and the nice line created looks beautiful.

Three expanded metal corner beads with two wide flanges and a round nose displayed to us.

Metal corner bead works for drywall reinforcement and edge protection with the knurled, perforated wings and exposed bead.

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