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PVC Corner Bead - Strengthen & Beautify Flimsy Corner

PVC corner bead is used for corner reinforcement and protection. The multihole design allows the plaster or stucco embed in to form the strong layer which is dent resistance and distortion resistance. The bead helps to form the straight and neat line. The fiberglass mesh adheres to the corner bead to reinforce the wall strongly and installed with the nails easily. The PVC, UPVC and vinyl are three main raw materials and it has heat preservation effect. PVC corner bead has been widely applied for corner protection and it is an ideal choice to meet your needs.

This is a PVC corner bead with fiberglass mesh which processed with the multihole bead and the fiberglass mesh.
PCB-01: PVC bead with fiberglass mesh helps to improve the reinforcement and offer heat preservation effect, also diverse colors offered.
One plaster corner bead with fiberglass mesh of blue color shown here.
PCB-02: Plaster corner bead offers great strengthening and it is environment friendly, lightweight with the reasonable prices.
There are five colors PVC angle beads with fiberglass mesh displayed to us.
PCB-03: PVC angle bead with fiberglass mesh can be customized with different colors, the heat preservation effect is outstanding.
One water drip corner bead consists of the bead with the triangle openness and the insulated fiberglass mesh wings.
PCB-04: Water drip corner bead is designed for external thermal insulation and wall reinforce, the chamfering avoids water into the wall.
One orange plastic corner bead with the fiberglass mesh, irregular nose and reinforce strip.
PCB-05: Plastic corner bead used for wall strengthening, the irregular nose for excellent corner protection and shape.
It is a PVC corner bead extruded with round holes which allows the stucco to flow through giving the corner extra strength.
PCB-06: PVC corner bead can be used for both internal and external walls that helps to form the beautiful and firm corners.
One PVC angle bead with 90 degree angle and two different width wings that both of them have many round holes.
PCB-07: The PVC angle bead with the bulgy 45 degree angle chamfering prevents the water into the wall and the hole for mud embed in.
One PVC round corner bead has one short wing with circular hole and 1/4 round return with white color shown to us.
PCB-08: PVC round corner bead is applied to protect the corners and edges from breaking, it mainly suits for the elegant decorative designs.
There are seven PVC round edge angle beads with same hole design in different colors orderly displayed.
PCB-09: PVC round edge angle bead has various colors, the hole allows mud inlaid for reinforce and the return for edge protection.
The UPVC angle bead has an arris and two wide flanges attached with the elliptical holes and small round holes.
PCB-10: UPVC corner bead with arris is used to prevent the corner from damage and offer a straight edge for beautiful look.
The UPVC corner bead is made up with two perforated plates, the texture offers great appearance.
PCB-11: It is UPVC corner bead that used to strengthen the corner through enclosing them with the mud.
The vinyl corner bead consists of two flanges with the round hole for great adhesion and round nose bead for corner shape.
PCB-12: Vinyl corner bead is used to prevent the corner from damage, also offers neat finishing and straight line.
One external vinyl corner bead provides round corner bead and wide flange with dense holes design.
PCB-13: This vinyl corner bead is used at the external wall, the high density hole design improves the joint compound bending.
This vinyl corner bead have two short wings and with two different shape and hole design.
PCB-14: Vinyl corner bead with the special texture and hole efficiently enhances the mud for solid protection of the wall and corner.
This vinyl archway bead is made up of two wide flange with triangle hole design and arch nose bead for corner shape.
PCB-15: Vinyl archway bead is designed for wall and corner protection, it is dent resistance, lightweight and easily installed.
It is a flexible vinyl angle bead used to form a neat corner.
PCB-16: The flexible vinyl angle bead is impact resistance, water proof, environmental, and popularly used for archway.
One unique designed flexible vinyl archway corner bead with white color displayed here.
PCB-17: vinyl archway corner bead fits for the traditional plaster and stucco wall, the slotted wing for deeply compound adhesion.


  • Multiple perforations along the flanges enhance joint compound bonding.
  • Chamfering design effectively avoid the water into the wall.
  • Fiberglass mesh wings offer reinforcement effect and thermal insulation function.
  • Flexible nature for easily cutting and bending for working need.
  • PVC material is water proof, rot resistance, anti impact and distortion
  • Raw material is environmental, lightweight and economical.
  • Durable enough lasting long lifespan.
  • Various angles and colors are offered.
  • Diverse types suit for different wall types.


  • PVC corner bead
    • Material: PVC, vinyl, UPVC.
    • Thickness of bead: 0.3-8 mm.
    • Width of bead: 20-45 mm.
    • Length: 1-6 m.
  • PVC corner bead with fiberglass mesh
    • Material: PVC bonded with fiberglass mesh.
    • Length: 2000-3000 mm.
    • Common size of fiberglass (mm): 70 × 70, 80 × 120, 100 × 100, 100 × 150
  • Color: white (standard), brown, blue, orange, or customized.
  • Hole type: round, diamond, triangle, or customized.
  • Notes: Special sizes can be made as requirement.

This product is used for interior and exterior wall corner protection, it can reinforce corners and form a straight line which looks nice.

This is the PVC corner bead with round hole in white used at the corner for protection and it offers the straight line.
PCB-18: The PVC corner bead is rust resistance, impact resistance and waterproof.
The vinyl corner bead is used at the vaulted surface and forms the wonderful line.
PCB-19: The vinyl angle bead is applied for corner protection and the neat lines created is perfect.
The UPVC corner bead embed in the hole tightly then slick finishing and straight line appeared with the scraper blade using.
PCB-20: UPVC corner bead applied on the plaster wall for reinforcement and protection, the raw material is water proof, rot resistance, anti impact and distortion.

All corner beads are packed in the water proof and robust carton boxes or wooden box, or according to clients' requirement.

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