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Metal Corner Bead - Corner Reinforce & Wall Protection

Metal corner bead is widely used to provide superior corner protection and mud adhesion. The high quality metal material is firm enough to protect the corner from impact. Knurled and perforated flanges for great joint compound, exposed nose for neat edge. And it is easily installed with the nails that saves more time and labor cost. There are galvanized and aluminum corner bead followed for your choice.

Three expanded metal corner beads with two wide flanges and a round nose displayed to us.
ECB-01: The expanded corner bead of zinc coated with round nose bead for neat edge shape and expanded wings for effective reinforcement on the raw drywall.
An expanded angle bead with raised expanded metal wings attached with the extra strip and a round nose.
ECB-02: The expanded angle bead with the diamond mesh wing for mud embed in easily and firmly, the stiffener ribs for extra reinforcement.
It is a plaster stop bead shown with single expanded wing and a short straight bead.
ECB-03: Plaster stop bead with the zinc coated diamond mesh flange for mud bonding and the straight edge nose for corner shape.
Here is a metal corner bead without nose, just two wide perforated flanges of 90 degree angle.
ECB-04: This metal corner bead with 90 degree angle for straight corner lines and perforated wings for effective compound adhesion.
This is a metal angle bead of galvanized surface treatment which has two metal flanges and a small nose.
ECB-05: Metal angle bead is sturdy enough for wall protection, knurled and perforated flanges are nailed for smooth and straight finish.
One plaster corner bead of novel shape appeared with one wing of circular holes and straight bead for corner shape.
ECB-06: Plaster corner bead offers rigid corner reinforcement, it is ideal for humid moisture prone conditions and used in the outside wall.
A plaster angle bead with zinc coating in silver color, the flange attached with many hole for reinforcement.
ECB-07: Plaster angle bead provides corner protection and mud adhesion, the metal material of rust proof and impact resistance.
A galvanized metal corner bead with single flange of round holes and a short return shown to us.
ECB-08: Galvanized metal corner bead is used to protect and reinforce wall, it is easily nailed on and saves more time and cost.
One metal stop bead with two different width flanges shown to us.
ECB-09: Metal stop bead is mainly used at the door and window opening, the straight bead is sturdy enough to protect the corner.
One welded mesh corner bead manufacturing with the galvanized wire mesh welded together.
ECB-10: Welded mesh corner bead for stucco and plaster corner reinforcement and strength, also the clean finish and straight lines.
It is an aluminum alloy corner bead with the splayed angle and the textured wings in silver color.
ECB-11: Aluminum alloy corner bead with the knurled wings for great adhesion of the joint compound and neat finish of the wall.
One aluminum alloy angle bead with a cambered edge of the flange, also a flatten plate flange.
ECB-12: Aluminum alloy angle bead offers a straight nose for upright lines and the perforated wing for great reinforcement.
This is a metal bullnose corner bead of zinc coated, which consists of two wings and a splayed nose.
ECB-13: The metal bullnose corner bead has the large angle openness for subtle adhesion, it is durable and rust resistance.


  • Deeply knurled and perforated flanges provide excellent compound adhesion.
  • Exposed nose resists impact and forms a screed for finishing.
  • Specialized zinc coating for steady oxidation resistance and corrosion protection.
  • Strong metal ingredient offers great reinforcement for drywall corner.
  • Provide perfect lines, clean finished edge and solid protection for drywall.
  • Environment friendly metal material for recycling.
  • Easily and fast installed with nails for labor and time costs saving.
  • Diverse types and colors for needs.


  • Material: galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel.
  • Surface treatment: hot-dipped galvanized.
  • Hole shape: round, diamond, triangle, square or as request.
  • Thickness: 0.2-3 mm.
  • Length: 1-3 m.
  • Width: 0.5-0.625 inches.
  • Flange size: 20 × 20 mm, 25 × 25 mm, 30 × 30 mm, 35 × 35 mm, 45 × 45 mm, 50 × 50 mm, 55 × 55 mm, 60 × 60 mm (or as your sizes).

Metal corner bead is widely used at the plastered wall to provide tidy finish, neat line and resist impact of home, hotel, theater, hospital, factory, office, school, etc.

Two metal corner bead application pictures shown, one is corner bead working now, the other one is the tidy finish appeared.
ECB-14: Metal corner bead offers reinforcement and perfect finish for the wall which is impact resistance, rust proof and high durability.
One picture of plaster corner bead applied at the plaster corner edge forms strong reinforcement and straight lines.
ECB-15: Plaster corner bead applied at the drywall corner edge for protection and tidy finish. Specialized zinc coating for steady oxidation resistance.

Plastic bag packing and water proof carton packing, or as client request to packing.

One metal corner bead packing picture shown with the water proof plastic bag package.
ECB-16: The plastic bag is water proof and economical.
Many water proof carton package orderly piled up.
ECB-17: The water proof carton is lightweight for easy movement.

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