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Bullnose Corner Bead - Round off Corner & Elegant Wall

Bullnose corner bead consists of the open round nose and two wide flanges. Knurled and perforated flanges offer superior compound adhesion and smooth, straight finishes. It is the reinforcement and finishing product used in gypsum wallboard construction. The raw materials of bullnose corner bead are PVC, vinyl, metal and paper-faced, and it is easily installed with the nails, screws, staples. In a word, bullnose corner bead is impact resistance, sturdy and durable enough to meet your requirement.

One PVC bullnose corner bead that made up of the big round nose and perforated flange with the color of white.
BCB-01: Bullnose corned bead offers neat surface and finished with the joint compound, the nose acts as a ground and screed for the proper depth of finish.
One bullnose corner bead with the large angle openness to match the profile of the bullnose shape corner.
BCB-02: Bullnose splayed corner bead is designed for off angle walls, the wide open angle allows for large or irregular corners and easily installed with the industry practice.
One side of the vinyl bullnose archway corner bead is slotted, one side is a flange with many round holes.
BCB-03: Vinyl bullnose archway corner bead with the slotted flange for perfect arches, the perforated and striated flange for nice adhesion.
One bullnose inside corner bead with ridges flanges and splayed round off angle shown to us.
BCB-04: Bullnose inside corner bead offers round appearance to the inside corner ,it is finished with drywall stucco and all paint finishes.
Here is a ultrathin vinyl bullnose corner bead with slotted edge of archway shape in white.
BCB-05: Bullnose archway corner bead is notched to cater to the archways, it facilitates the plaster adhesion for the neat lines.
Here is a bullnose corner bead of vinyl that with multihole wings and round off nose.
BCB-06: Bullnose corner bead offers smooth and round finish, the deeply knurled flanges ensures better plaster adhesion.
The surface of the metal bullnose corner bead is galvanized, the color is silvery.
BCB-07: The metal bullnose corner bead is the practical material for rounded corner protection and offers smooth wall surface.
This metal bullnose corner bead has two short wings with a few circular holes and the round nose bead for corner protection.
BCB-08: The metal bullnose corner bead has the large angle openness for subtle adhesion, it is durable and rust resistance.
This is a paper faced corner bead with the round nose and wide flanges that in brown color.
BCB-09: The paper faced bullnose corner bead is installed without any fasteners, it suits for internal walls and tapes on effectively save the working time and labor.
One paper faced angle bead with the green color nose surface and two short wings.
BCB-10: This paper faced corner bead is combined with the strong paper tape and sturdy metal, it is impact resistance to provide the smooth, stable corner.


  • Knurled flanges and hole pattern design permit to superb compound adhesion. Nose coating structure is scuffing resistance while installing.
  • Contemporary styling and a sense of openness to any room.
  • Easy to install with nails and finish with joint compound.
  • Super adhesion, bonding and paintability to strengthen wall and corner.
  • PVC material is environmental and economical.
  • Metal material is rugged and rust resistance for wall protection.
  • Paper faced material is tapes on for easy installation without any tools.

There are also the corner bead transition cap helps to finish the problem of bullnose corner bead intersect at angles.

One picture of 3-way corner drywall cap with 3 direction beads and flanges show.
BCB-11: 3-way corner drywall cap offers great finish of joint at three-way off angle bullnose intersections, also reduces the time of mitering and filling.
One 2-way corner bead cap with two direction beads and flanges shown.
BCB-12: 2-way corner bead cap with the perforated flanges to enhance mud adhesion, it works well on the windows, doorways, and other areas.
One corner bead transition cap with the sprayed round off angle and two flanges shown.
BCB-13: Corner bead transition cap is used to eliminate gapes, it is easily installed with standard industry practice and the flanges are perforated to enhance mud adhesion.
One vinyl corner drywall cap of three-way with black color shown to us.
BCB-14: Corner drywall cap is made with the rigid plastic for light installation and used at the three intersecting area to eliminate the need for mitering and corner filling.


  • Works great to eliminate the need for mitering and corner filling.
  • Widely used at the bullnose corners intersect of open angle.
  • Perforated flanges for strong mud adhesion.
  • Plastic material is rust proof and dent resistant.
  • Easily installed with standard industry practice.


  • Bullnose corner bead
    • Material: vinyl, PVC, metal, paper (kraft paper, color board paper, recyclable paper).
    • Color: white, or customized.
    • Hole type: round, or customized.
    • Thickness (common): 1/2", 5/8".
    • Width of flange: 7/8", 1".
    • Length (common): 8', 9', 10'.
    • Radius: 3/8", 3/4", 1-1/2".
  • Corner bead transition cap
    • Material: PVC, vinyl.
    • Color: white, black, or customized.
    • Style: 2-way off angle corner cap, 3-way off angle corner cap.
    • Radius: 3/4", 1-1/2".
  • Notes: special size can be made upon customers' requirement.


This is the bullnose corner bead applies to the edges of plaster wallboard with the three-way 90 degree angle.
BCB-15: The bullnose corner bead with the perforated design embed in the finishing compound provides excellent adhesion.
This is the bullnose corner bead in white applied to the plaster wall, it is installed with the nails.
BCB-16: Bullnose corner bead is used in gypsum wallboard construction to create a smooth, round finish, knurled and perforated flanges offer superior compound adhesion.
One picture of vinyl bullnose corner bead applied at the home roof corner.
BCB-17: Vinyl bullnose corner bead used for an elegant finish at drywall exposed edge, knurled and perforated flanges offer superior compound adhesion.

Water proof carton packing and wooden box packing, or as client request to packing.

Here is a picture of water proof carton packing, with so many cartons piled up orderly.
BCB-18: Water proof carton is lightweight for easy movement, also it is an environmental choice for your need.

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