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Paper-faced Corner Bead - Problem Free and Neat Corners

Paper-faced corner bead is processed by laminating the firm paper tape to the sturdy, rust resistance metal. The strong paper tape offers excellent adhesion of joint compound, texture and paints for a strong, smooth finish. The sturdy bead provides straight and problem free lines for neat appearance. Compared with the metal corner bead, it is easily installed on the drywall without any tools that effectively save the working time and labor cost. In addition, it can reduce the risk of nail pops, corner cracks, edge chips and withstand the normal wear and tear. There is no doubt it is a decent selection to satisfy your needs.

This paper-faced corner bead consists of the strong paper tape and metal material, which is easy to install without any tools.
PFCB-01: Paper-faced corner bead used to offer a smooth, beautiful corner finish with the characters of wear and tear resistance and great durability.
One paper-faced metal corner bead with sturdy metal and two wide paper flanges for corner shape and reinforcement.
PFCB-02: This paper-faced metal corner bead can be used for both exterior and interior corners, it tapes on and reduces the risk of nail pops and save the cost of time and labor.
Bullnose paper-faced corner bead is manufactured with the bullnose bead and the paper wings to create elegant corners.
PFCB-03: The bullnose paper-faced corner bead is used to fit for the interior off-angle corner, which is durable enough to ensure the superior adhesion to the drywall.


  • Strong paper bonded to the joint compound avoids corner crisping.
  • Sturdy and rust resistance metal ensures problem free corners.
  • Paper tapes for easy installation and time, labor saving.
  • Super adhesion, bonding and paintability to strengthen wall and corner.
  • Economical and environmental for corner decoration.
  • Superb quality for long term performance.
  • Various types offered for diverse walls and corners.
  • No extra tools or fasteners required.
It is the display of all kinds of paper-faced corner bead, they are in different shapes and sizes.
PFCB-04: The sturdy and durable metal is rust and impact resistance, the paper tape covering ensures superior adhesion of joint compound and the strong, smooth finish.

Paper-faced corner bead installation

  1. Cutting corner bead with tin snips with the length shorter than the wall height.
  2. Using the scraper blade paint the wall with joint compound.
  3. Pressing the tape embed the compound tightly with hands.
  4. Removing excess compound with knife.
  5. Checking the corner with your blade, making the bead aligns your corner.
  6. Finishing up with the joint compound covering again with knife.
One paper-faced corner bead installation sketch map shown to us.
PFCB-05: Paper-faced corner bead installation sketch map is used to introduce the steps of how to install the paper-faced corner bead.


  • Material: galvanized plate/aluminum plate and paper (kraft paper, color board paper, recyclable paper).
  • Thickness: 3 mm - 8 mm.
  • Width: 25 mm - 100 mm.
  • Length: 20 mm - 30 mm is the normal size, other length can be made to you. The open angle and length with diverse sizes.
  • Radius of the bullnose type: 19 mm is the normal size, other size can be made to you. Special size can be made according to requirements.

Paper-faced corner bead is greatly used for corner protection, which is applied to the area such as school, office, hospital, hotel, restaurant supermarket, family room, movie theater, library, kitchen, and so on.

Water proof carton packing and wooden box packing, or as client request to packing.

There are lots of paper-faced corner bead packed in the water proof carton orderly.
PFCB-06: The water proof packing is widely used by our client.

All stored materials shall be kept dry. Materials shall be stacked off the ground, supported on a level platform, and protected from the weather.

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