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Corner Bead Manufacturer for Interior/Exterior Finish

With the 15 years production history, Shandong Xingying Environmental Energy Technology Co. LTD possesses strong production technology and professional production team to manufacture world-class corner bead. With the famous reputation, our products have taken a place at the same industry sector. The competitive products are those, such as metal corner bead, PVC corner bead, paper-faced corner bead, bullnose corner bead, expanded corner bead, and stop bead, also the related product accessories are offered for excellent installation.

Why us?
Strong production technology

Our enterprises continue to introduce advanced production technology and equipment for professional manufacturing, at the same time our factory import the most advanced facility and manage to control the quality of products and to insure the product security.

There are many professional workers with blue uniforms manufacturing corner bead.
Professional production team

Our company has the professional production team, systematic production system, also the high quality, high image, and high capacity development, production and sales team. And our workers are keeping receiving the professional skill learning and training now.

There are six people of uniform clothes walking on the way of production sales.
Better package service

In the process of material transportation, the package reliability plays an important part in the production safety and has great influence on the transport costs. So our company provides better package service to give our clients perfect shopping experience.

It is the picture of corner bead orderly packed with the water proof paper box.
Beneficial to help you develop new market

Buying our corner bead helps you get extra benefit. Our products are competitive among the lots of the peer fields; they help you develop the local market.

Here are lots of money around an earth model to form a half circle to imply the meaning of new business opportunity.
Strong sales team

Great problem solving and communication skill are the important keys to offer help. With the support of accumulate experience, good spoken and written English, also the excellent computer skill, our strong sales and service team can offer you the best solution to your questions. Contact us for more information, welcome for your inquiry.

Two beautiful women sitting in front of the computer for question answering.