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Corner Bead Accessory - Screws, Scraper Blades, & Snips

Screw - Rigid for Corner Bead Installation

Screw is widely used as an anchor nail at construction and decoration. Metal material is rigid, anti-rust and corrosion proof. The plastic coat is water proof and temperature resistance that embed in the wall for excellent reinforcement. There are two kinds of nails, concrete metal screw and plastic insulation screw, both of them are durable and stable to use and easily installation without special installation tools.

Concrete metal screw

Three flat head screws with yellow galvanized coat shown to us.
CBA-01: Flat head screw is used at the plaster wall, it is rigid and durable.
Two pan head crews with bright galvanized coat shown to us.
CBA-02: Pan head screw is also applied at plaster or stucco wall for corner bead installation.
One picture of two slotted hex head screws shown to us.
CBA-03: Slotted hex head screw with the spiral cusp is easily installed into the wall.
Four drywall nails with sharp- pointed nose and flat head shown to us.
CBA-04: Drywall nails for metal corner bead installation.

Plastic insulation nail

One plastic insulation nail of round head and a metal screw embed in the plastic coat.
CBA-05: The plastic insulation nail is easy to install of directly knock and mainly used with the fiberglass mesh corner bead.
Three heat preservation nails of gray color laid on the picture.
CBA-06: Heat preservation nail has the heat preservation effect for wall protection and corner bead installation.
Nine plastic nails orderly put on the picture, the metal nails are coated with the plastic coat.
CBA-07: The plastic nail is easily installed, the plastic coat will expand when the metal screw come into the plastic coat totally.
Four plastic heat preservation nails of blue color with multihole head and metal nail inserted in the plastic coat.
CBA-08: Plastic heat preservation nail is specially used with the fiberglass mesh corner bead for better heat preservation effect.


  • Concrete metal screw
    • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel.
    • Surface treatment: zinc plated (bright, yellow, blue, green), phosphate (grey, dark, grey and black).
    • Diameter: 3 mm - 7.5 mm.
    • Length: 5 mm - 202 mm.
    • Head types: flat head, pan head, slotted hex head, or customized.
  • Plastic insulation nail
    • Material: plastic and steel.
    • Length: 50 mm - 450 mm.
    • Head diameter: 8 mm - 20 mm.
    • Shank diameter: 2 mm - 5 mm.
    • Color: white, grey, blue, or customized.

Scraper Blade - Perfect Usage for Plaster Jobs

Scraper blade is widely used for compound coating of the joint and holes patching. The firm carbon steel material is rust resistance for long performance. Ergonomic soft grip handle designed makes the hands fit more comfortable. Scraper blade is a superior putty knife for relieved use.

There are two types scraper blades, one with long knife and handle, one is shorter than former one.
CBA-09: Scraper blade with excellent design and shape for easy operation, the metal plate is rust proof with long lifespan.
One 90 degree angle scraper blade with the red handle shown to us.
CBA-10: 90 degree angle broad knife suits for the junction of the two walls, it is conveniently used to form the tidy finishing.
One metal broad knife with plastic handle and the trapezoid shape blade.
CBA-11: Metal broad knife with ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use.


  • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel.
  • Color: sliver with colors handle, such as red, black, blue, yellow, green or customized.
  • Sizes: 6 inches' handle plus 3 inches' blade broad knife, 11 inches' handle plus 7 inches' blade broad knife, or customized.

Snip - Sturdy and Durable Enough for Straight Cut

Snips are used for straight cut which provide the lightest squeeze pressure with the ergonomic handle design. The hardened blades are designed for incisive tailoring and the serrated edged blades for superior cutting performance.

Three snips with three different colors grips appeared here.
CBA-12: Snips with diverse colors grips used for straight cut.
One picture of snips cutting the paper faced corner bead.
CBA-13: Snips are used for superior cutting performance.

Plastic film bag and carton, or customized.

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